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Trip Report
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Trail hike
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Cox Hill
When a group starts out on a trip or excursion there is an elevated sense of enjoyment, with sunny skies we were not heldback. Once crossing the bridge, micro spikes came on and off we went. A good steady ascent up thru the timber as the snow depth increased somewhat, but no real problems on a packed trail. Once we reached treeline the way became a bit more steep, a little push and the ridge was gained. This was the high point for some as flurries, plus a cooler breeze was about.

A nice lunch spot.

The rest went one past the high point to the rocky lookout.

Coxhill joined by our furry friend.

A marmot came out to join us and have his photo taken also. A view of the snow covered peaks to the south and west then off again on our travel.

Looking for future adventure.

I believe it was a very wonderful day, good conversation, and helping each other. I thank all those that made this possible any very much look forward to being out again. A beautiful day. Scribe, Lenard. Participants: Carmie, Jeannette, Audrey, Lenard, Bart, John, Jo, Elaine.