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Trip Report
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Porcupine Ridge from Wasootch PL

A day was posted, people came, greetings exchanged, the sun appeared and all was as should be. Once we started down the trail icers were soon to be put on. A hike through trees, then along the creek, crossing a few times to reach were we started our ascent, steep from the start, then more gradual as we went.

The forward trail as we accend Porcupine Ridge.

The trail was mainly packed snow, easy forward progress. WE stopped at the point where the trip would turn into a scramble, had lunch and then off again.

Wonderful Day on Porcupine Creek.

I think a nice day was had on the way back, very beautiful all around. I thank all fellow members for joining me to make a wonderful day. I also would like to thank Audrey for the photos and the one posted of our ascent in this report. Participants: Sim, Susan, Bill, Jeannette, Barb, Clifton, Audrey, Barbara, Lenard, Jo. Scribe {1900 Lenard.Ge}