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Eagle Hill

Our morning outing was warm, sunny, and peaceful. The trail was mostly either snow on ice (including some treacherous hills near Eagle Hill) or mud, and we saw only one other group.

It not only felt like spring, but the abundance of birds made it sound like spring, too, particularly a varied thrush, yellow-rumped warbler, red-tailed hawk, and brown creeper in addition to the usual robins/chickadees/flickers. I know that there were other birds as well, but I always have to relearn them every season! The geese in the lake provided lots of entertainment as they talked and bickered and chased each other.

Thanks to Sonja and Cristina for the energizing walk and conversation, and to Cristina for the photos, from coordinator Ingrid.

Eagle Hill

Watching geese on Sibbald Lake

Comma butterfly