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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail skiing
Trip name:
Black Prince ski slopes

The drive out was not great. Ice on the number one, cars in the ditch, snow squalls on hwy 40. When we arrived at the parking lot less than 1 cm new overnight and only 12 cm on the previous crust. We still headed up with great expectations. Low down we had powder in the trees. However the higher up we went the greater the nasty melt crust. We decided to look for polar aspects and trended lookers right into increasingly treed and steeper terrain. Finally finding a steep east facing gully whose north aspect was beautiful polar powder .

Ed and Sim on the gentle traverse

Ed, Bill Clifton lunch

Steep but doable really nice snow but a challenge .

Clifton broke trail up the steeps; he earned first tracks

Bill giving lessons in skiing the steeps

Sim and Dave enjoying the powder

Ed leaning into a turn

Transitioning to the lower melt crust proved entertaining . It got better lower down in the shade of the trees where we were actually able to enjoy the descent on 6 inches of powder on a lower angel crust.

Clifton and Ed enjoying the powder on the flats

We called it an early day . The search for polar aspects would be left for another day .
Special thanks To Bill , Dave and Ed for the photos

Participants: Sim,Bill,David,Clifton,Ed.