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Ranger Ridge via Bobcat, return Sugar Daddy

It was a rather nice start to the day under somewhat sunny skies, although the forecast incoming weather front was visible lurking to the west. The first challenge was the creek crossing just after the start, an ice flow had built up under the bridge and water was flowing over the deck. Fortunately it was only a few centimetres deep and not over boot tops, so no full baptism on this Easter Sunday. The flat section of the trail beyond was quite icy and most detoured through the trees on the side:

Icy trail at the start

Beyond that the descent to the second creek was quite icy and prompted most to don their traction devices given that we then started climbing the Fullerton Loop trail. One participant who had forgotten traction devices turned around at this point. The trail thereafter was a mix of dry sections where it had been exposed to the sun and westerly breezes, and muddy/icy sections in the shady forest. We arrived at our lunch spot at the top of Sugar Daddy before noon and the incoming weather asserted itself with light snow starting to descend:

Jo anne, Dave & Brenda dining

Barb (hot tea in hand) and Sonja at lunch- no Covid transmission here

We didn't linger too long and had an uneventful descent to the snowy Elbow Trail from where worked our way back to the cars:

Some of the gang enjoying spring in Alberta

By that point the snow had stopped and none had settled on the highway so the drive home was fine.

Thanks to participants Ron C/S/P, Barbara, Ursula, Carmie, Brenda, Douglas, David, Barb, Sonja and Jo for not being daunted by the weather forecast and for their entertaining conversation.