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Trail skiing
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Lower Elk L via Elk Pass

Well, we lucked out on this one.

Snow fell overnight in the area: 5-10cms of the white stuff over a very hard and crusty base. Temperature was from -5c at 9.00am and +1c on return to cars by 3.30pm. Mostly calm with sunny skies but a few wind gusts on the way back. Great skiing conditions and great company. We made it to Elk Lake hut by 11.30am, had lunch, toured to the lower lake, took photos and returned back up the power line before seeing anyone else. Then a cruise back to the cars by 3.30pm on slightly sticky snow rounded off a great tour.

After the usual grunt up the initial big hill we regrouped at the Blueberry hill picnic table before taking the meadow route around Elk Pass to the power line in BC. Thanks to Carl, Terry and others for making this shortcut a success (unlike my previous attempts).

Ramblers at the top of the big hill enroute to Elk Pass

Alda skis across the meadows near Elk Pass, BC

Ramblers in the Elk Pass meadows, BC

The ski descent down the power line was amazingly good with a supportive base overlain by about 10 cms of nice new powder. Some were even able to execute reasonable tele-turns on skinny skis.

Skiing down the power line on the BC side from Elk Pass

After an early 11.30am lunch at the hut we toured to the Lower Elk Lake for more views.

Jim, Terry, Carl, Alda, Brian, Ulli & Shirley near Elk Lakes, BC

Elk Lake Hut, BC

Jim, Ulli, Brian, David, Carl, Alda & Shirley on Lower Elk Lake, BC

Then returned to the cars mostly by the same way.But Jim and Ulrike chose to ski over the actual pass while Carl and David preferred the Fox Creek trail near the cars. All were back by 3.30pm for an excellent day. Photos by David and Ulrike- click on any to enlarge.
About 20km, 550m elevation gain in 6:30 hrs.

Participants: Terry,David,Alda,Carl,Shirley,Brian,Ulrike,Jim.